Mosey: To walk or move in a leisurely manner, with or without pants

The long and short of this burgeoning tale is that Anastacia and I are off on another adventure extraordinaire.  It has been a soft belly year of recovery since our last world jaunt which climaxed in spectacular fashion in India with a medically dramatic shedding of flesh and loose pretense, the humble yet jolting experience of a Little Death.  Though perhaps a bit monotonous in its bureaucratic detail there is certainly nothing sterile about that story.  But, it is one that can wait for a gray and rain soaked afternoon further on.  For now there are more pressing issues at hand, so drop the needle on some hard vinyl country.

The breakdown is such:  In less than two weeks time we depart on a road trip across the United Sates; the final two weeks at the tail end of a year and change spent laborously deciding not to follow a “concrete plan” so much as an Instinctive Creed driven by the seasons and all-american guzzoline; a natural conclusion, one that we believe is sound, formulated through prolonged dedication to good, solid cerebral calisthenics.  Philosophical acrobatics.  Capital musings.  Immensely questionable behavior.  Monkey be monkey.  Junk be junk.  We are who we are and these were the very exercises we felt were needed for full recovery, the diamond priority upending any advanced logistical preparation.  Why plan when you can hike up and down a mountain to Sully’s?  Life is upon us.

Understand that while extreme planning can be helpful for some, Anastacia and I conveniently believe that it cripples the natural progression and we were decidedly more focused on developing our guiding intention behind this cross country pursuit of knowledge.  Our faith lies in the notion that if our intention is golden, box lid or no, life will puzzle itself together, stress free, no false magic required.

And so we poured ourselves over bar stools and thousands of uniformly colored cardboard puzzle pieces, mix and matching, hardly smashing out a form and function we could love and recognize. And what we have come to realize is that everyone needs to heal and evolve in their own way.  But sometimes, sometimes outside help is paramount.  For us, after the relentless jungle heat of Southeast Asia, the Pacific Northwest was a natural escape and became our home extending through two birthdays.  And from the fire we stepped out for a breath of fresh air, spent time in blue space and white clouds, near the cool, healing powers of the Pacific.  And there were many days playing in the rain.  Doctor’s orders (we got a guy, takes cash and rare jewels).  A massive and comfortable bed covered in equally large and fluffy blankets can also be of aid.  Don’t forget kisses.  And being alone.  Being among mountains and old growth friends.  Family.  The help we needed.

And light dawns on the mountain side, creating slow moving shadows of clouds in the snow, a deeply curative inspiration.  To heal.  After the last year the puzzle is taking shape and we know now that it is in Healing that our intention is set.  And as we travel and expand our understanding of family we hope to pair these two passions together, Medicine and Family, to learn and share all that we can.  Our path is to refine this bond, feed it, grow and allow it to flourish.  Like a full blossoming smile.  On a stranger.  Or friend to whom you have already told, I love you.  Everyone deserves to evolve as only they know how, to feel apart of a family, to be loved.  Everyone deserves fluffy blankets.  However, giant assholes with racist, misogynistic, fascist tendencies and phobias of rainbows may be the exception.  Even we can hold a grudge despite our best efforts.

But first, before the grand bon voyage, there are still these two short and pesky weeks to contend with.  We must still quickly gather the nuts and bolts and loose ends of things and lash them all together with that alabama chrome.  If this last year of recovery has been good for anything, it has been the preparation for the stress and sometimes blinding highway anxiety of these few remaining days, battling a hydra inspired to-do list, limited space, limited funds, etc etc.  But, as we cleverly have no plan to follow, there is no plan to fail us.  Our success is certain.

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