Baby Ruth, Rocky Road, & Pepperoni

IMG_3031If there is one movie I could recite in its entirety, it would be The Goonies. Having grown up in a small village in Ohio the landscape of this maritime town was intriguing, to say the least. The lush greenery, rocky beaches, hills and rain called to me.  And this year on my 38th birthday I finally made it to Astoria where this cinematic masterpiece all took place. I was not disappointed. Well, I was slightly disappointed only because I was unable to recreate my own version of the truffle shuffle in front of the iconic house due to the owner banning visitors from approaching. Yes, I could’ve ignored the signs and walked up the driveway, but I was respectful.


IMG_1650Not the same, I know.

However, wandering the streets filled with vintage goods, restaurants, bars, strip clubs galore, friendly folks, and stunning views, more than made up for my failure. Especially when I made my way to the bowling alley where Chunk smears pizza and dumps milkshake all over himself, cursing, promptly giving the movie it’s deserved PG rating.  But again, I was respectful.

“Oh, wow, a police chase!”

Now on to The Oregon Film Museum, aka, the jailhouse. Here I continue geeking out, smiling like a goon, looking at movie props, and contemplating buying everything at the gift shop but somehow managed to walk out without buying a single thing. It was hard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After many more photos and  hours later we ended the day with clam chowder on the water followed by beers at a dive bar down the street. No frills, charismatic bartender, good music, and friendly people. We shared stories, danced and eventually made our way a few doors down to the strip club, which we thought was just another hole in the wall. It was a glorious day indeed.

Finally, after all this excitement, we holed up at the Dismal Nitch and crawled into our self constructed bed on wheels. It feels so soft & cozy but I’m still buzzing with excitement. I can’t sleep. My mind goes over the day, the start of our life on the road with all the unknown that awaits us, and I smile, slowly drifting to sleep.

Although I didn’t find One-Eyed Willy’s rich stuff, I’ll happily stick with my bag of marbles.

Thank you Astoria, you made my day.


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